Research discoveries

Research & development in Unilever ranges from looking at emerging technologies, exploring possible applications and collaborating with external experts to projects lasting around six to nine months that adapt products for local markets.

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The science of touch

Why do we choose one product over another? You'd surprised to learn how much happens in your unconscious each time you make a purchase.

A revolution in online grocery retailing

Unilever is developing new technology that prompts consumers to buy seemingly unconnected yet relevant and suitable products.

We’ve got a good feeling about the future

People use many words such as creamy, sticky, silky, greasy etc. to describe how face cream it feels on their skin. Yet the feel of the cream on skin is picked up by only a small number of mechanically and thermally sensitive skin receptors.

The naked microscope

Working with inventor Sunney Xie at Harvard University, using his new technique called Simulated Raman Scattering Microscopy (SRS), Unilever scientists have recently utilised state-of-the-art microscopy to further our understanding of the effects of cosmetics on skin and the distribution of fats and proteins in food.

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Beautiful skin – an age-old problem

During the course of ageing, both the function and appearance of skin are affected. Crucially, a change in appearance is an indicator of overall health status and it has been shown that ‘looking old for one’s age’ is linked to an increased risk of mortality.

A very broad spectrum of activities

Unilever is a global leader in research and development. Our R&D teams focus on creating distinctive new products with proven benefits that meet consumer needs.

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