Confidence counts for a lot. It’s crucial when you’re out to get what you want. Whether that be landing your dream job, being popular in class, or even becoming a crime fighting super hero who saves the city. So go ahead and use your smile as a weapon.

Closeup is the number 1 toothpaste of Bangladesh and the first gel toothpaste of the world. It gives you the freshest breath and dazzling smile which ignites a mouth to mind confidence. Closeup has been serving the oral care needs of this country since 1984. The brand with its exciting product line and advertising quickly became the number 1 choice of Bangladeshi consumers.

Closeup has a range of highly awesome toothpastes that offer all manner of results for stronger, whiter, healthier teeth and extra fresh breath. It is currently available in 3 flavors in Bangladesh: Menthol Fresh, Red Hot & Peppermint Splash.

In 2012, Closeup introduced the first locally made bi-colored toothpaste in Bangladesh: Closeup Fire Freeze. It is a combination of a warm red gel and a cool blue gel that gives you a dual sensation so that you can really feel the long lasting freshness.

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