Lifebuoy is the largest health soap brand in Bangladesh. Its vision is to meet the health and hygiene needs of 150 million Bangladeshis. Lifebuoy is a household name and this health soap is remembered in every sector of the nation.

Lifebuoy is known traditionally for its red bulky bar and distinct smell but has over the years slowly changed to meet the changes in consumer needs and now Lifebuoy comes in four germ-fighting forms.

The latest re-launch of the soap in 2014 has proven how Lifebuoy is in accord with the changing lifestyles and requirements. The new mix includes a new formulation, making it more relevant to both new and existing consumers. It delivers the ‘Best Ever Protection’ against 10 infection causing germs.

The Lifebuoy variants are shaped even more efficiently to keep the soap more dry while giving more lather faster and with using less water, making them longer-lasting and budget efficient. The modern packaging also gives Lifebuoy a better feel, fragrance and effectiveness.

The bar soaps are available in two variants:


This variant offers all the goodness of the original red Lifebuoy with an improved new fragrance and unique shape. Its unique germ protection gives all day protection from germ for the entire family.


This variant is a special formula which is gentle and caring and takes care of delicate skin. It protects you from germs all day long. And yet it is mild and gentle and on your skin.


This variant offers the goodness of lemon to protect you and your loved ones from germs all day long and keep you fresh.


Lifebuoy also offers specific health benefits through its specialized product formats like Lifebuoy Handwash.
This is a highly specialized hand wash product from Lifebuoy available in liquid form. Lifebuoy Handwash has been quickly accepted as the fastest and effective protection from germs within 10 seconds. Proven to effectively clean and provide care for hands and washing away germs by 99.9%, Lifebuoy Handwash promises a healthy lifestyle. It is proven to protect hands from harmful germs that can cause diarrhea, stomach infections etc. The handwash is currently available in two variants Total and Care.
Lifebuoy is continuously improving its ability to fight germs so that it keeps its promise to you of a healthy family, so you can enjoy your life without the fear of germs.

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  • Lifebuoy's New Year's Resolution: To continue making your life healthier and better with it's germ-kill expertise. Hope like us, you will try your best to stick to your positive resolutions as well! Wish you all a Happy New Year!

    31 Dec

  • ১ নাম্বার অলরাউন্ডারকে, ১ নম্বার হেলথ সোপ ব্র্যান্ড 'লাইফবয়' এর অভিনন্দন!

    13 Nov

  • Anybody can join us in this cause by spreading the message about the benefits of handwashing and the health hazards associated with germs.

    Let’s join with Lifebuoy and help the children enjoy their 5th birthday.


    20 Oct

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