Lux began its story in 1924 as the first mass marketed beauty soap. Now sold in over 100 countries, it is the most recognisable soap brand in the world – bringing a combination of fun, pleasure and comfort to women’s beauty routines the world over.

It is the goal of Lux to give women that million dollar feeling every time they use a Lux product, be it one of their fragrant beauty soaps or refreshing body washes. Lux believes beauty doesn’t have to be a chore and brings a combination of fun, pleasure and comfort to women’s beauty routines all over the world. Since its start in 1924 as the first mass marketed beauty soap, Lux has made its way to over 100 countries across the globe and is now the most recognisable soap brand in the world. During this long journey, some of the world’s most talented and beautiful women have become a part of Lux’s history as brand ambassadors. 

Lux combines exquisite fragrances with the most exotic ingredients to give you a truly unique bathing experience. You can choose from the following luxurious soaps and body washes.
Created with a sumptuous mix of luscious strawberries and moisturising cream extracts that leaves your skin soft, Lux Strawberry & Cream gives you silky skin like never before.

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Lux Peach & Cream blends juicy peach and moisturizing cream extracts to give you velvety, soft skin.

Lux Fresh Splash is crafted with the icy freshness of cooling mint and the invigorating power of sea minerals to transform your skin from dull to vibrant in an instant.

Lux Sandal & Cream uses extracts of alluring sandalwood and a unique consistency of moisturizing cream to give your skin a captivating and mesmerising glow.

Lux Purple Lotus & Cream is infused with fragrant moisturising and beauty oils, leaving your skin silky smooth. 

Lux’s stunning range of body washes are crafted with spellbinding fragrances and exotic ingredients to produce a magical bathing experience which leaves your skin soft, perfumed and pampered. Choose from Lux Strawberry & Cream Body Wash, Lux Magic Spell Body Wash and Lux Peach & Cream Body wash.

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