Pepsodent is developed by Unilever's oral care experts, bringing families around the world a range of scientifically advanced toothpastes to keep tooth decay at bay.

If your smile is not healthy, you are not healthy. Pepsodent is committed to bringing the best oral care to families.

Pepsodent is the only toothpaste to be endorsed by FDI – World Dental Federation and recommended by Bangladesh Dental Society. The brand has always partnered with dentists to bring the best oral care solutions for the country.

Currently, Pepsodent has 5 variants in the Bangladesh market, addressing the specific need of all the members of a family:

  • Pepsodent Germicheck: The unique combination of Germicheck and Fluoride to keep germs at bay. The ideal toothpaste for the little ones in the family so that they can avoid cavities from an early age.

  • Pepsodent Herbal: Combines 5 natural ingredients in your toothpaste - Basil Leaf, Mint Leaf, Cardamom, Natural Calcium and Salt to cater for your oral care needs using natural ingredients.

  • Pepsodent Whitening: The toothpaste contains the whitening agent – Perlite, to give you whiter teeth in just 2 weeks.

  • Pepsodent GumCare: The only toothpaste available in Bangladesh to cater for gum related problems such as gum bleeding and gum swelling. The unique combination of Zinc and Triclosan prevent bacterial growth in the mouth, ensuring you don’t have to worry when you brush.

  • Pepsodent Sensitive Expert: The toothpaste that delivers relief from tooth sensitivity in just 30 seconds! The advanced formulation contains the revolutionary HAP mineral that protects your dentin to give you instant relief from sensitive teeth.

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