At POND'S we believe the world would be a better place if we stopped idealizing beauty… and started celebrating it instead.

Pond’s is about enhancing both inner and outer skin. It boosts women’s soft strength to achieve their goals without sacrificing their femininity. With a presence in over 56 countries, Pond’s is a name synonymous with skin care for almost a century now. It has passionately led the way in understanding a woman’s skin care and beauty needs. It has cut across many age groups and skin care requirements.

Today Pond’s has spread its wings to cover anti- ageing, skin lightening, oil-control, moisturizing and other skin requirements. In addition, each range within the portfolio offers diverse set of options, which include day creams, night creams, serums, eye treatments, facial foams and more.

As some women have a unique combination of inner tenacity and resilience balanced with external delicateness, Pond’s tries to nourish the strength of their inner skin and transforms the softness and beauty of outer skin.


• Brand Pond’s has been around since 1846.

• Pond’s is a beauty brand that nourishes the skin deep inside making it strong and transform the way it looks outside, making it exquisitely beautiful to see and soft to touch.

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  • Breath-taking models at Season 6 of Pond’s The Lustrous Runway were responsible for many paused heartbeats!

    28 Aug

  • Some described it as heaven on earth! Pond’s the Lustrous Runway has taken itself to a new height with Season 6!

    26 Aug

  • Some gorgeous shots taken during Season 6 of Pond's Presents The Lustrous Runway this Friday night. Our models totally rocked the stage!

    25 Aug

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