Pureit is the world’s most advanced in-home water purifier and the first of its kind. It was designed by Unilever in order to purify tap water and make it “as safe as boiled water without the hassles of boiling”.

Water is synonymous to life, but only when it is safe for consumption. Approximately a quarter of all diseases in Bangladesh are waterborne. Drinking unsafe water can cause fatal waterborne diseases like diarrhea, cholera, jaundice and typhoid. The number of children under 5 years of age who die annually from unhealthy water is also a staggering 34,000. With a mission to bring safe drinking water to millions of Bangladeshi consumers at an affordable cost, Unilever introduced its revolutionary water purifier – Pureit – in September 2010.

Pureit is an innovation that addresses one of the biggest technological challenges of the century – that of making safe water accessible and affordable for millions. Made with high-quality food-grade plastic, Pureit’s Classic Model has a maximum capacity of 18 liters and provides water at a cost of less than 50 paisa/liter.

Pureit’s GermKill™ Process removes all kinds of dirt, germs and parasites through its 4-step advanced water purification technology and the output water from Pureit meets stringent criteria for microbiologically safe drinking water from one of the toughest regulatory agencies, the US-based Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

Pureit is not only revolutionary: it is the first of its kind. With the promise of giving “as safe as boiled water without the hassles of boiling”, Pureit directly purifies tap water without electricity or gas, thus saving valuable natural resources. Essentially, this means that consumers no longer need to boil their water or even filter it: drinking safe water is now as easy as pouring tap water into a Pureit!

For more information on where Pureit is available, please refer to the list of outlets published in this webpage or contact us as follows:

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