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Surf Excel believes that dirt is good; it is an essential part of a child’s development. It’s how children learn, express their creativity, and even bolster their immune system.

Children are so involved in what they do that without noticing they can get dirty in a matter of minutes. However, Surf excel realizes that this should not stop them from trying to explore the world around them.

Surf excel is the highest selling premium washing powder in Bangladesh. Over the last twenty years it has anticipated the changing washing needs of the Bangladeshi homemaker and constantly upgraded itself.

Surf excel is a champion of unleashing human potential. Consequently, it believes that children learn best when left to discover things on their own. For any consequential stains there is Surf excel, which now has the ability to remove multiple stains.

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  • Gardening is a great and dirty way for your kids to connect with nature.


    31 Jan

  • Discovery requires freedom to explore.

    Why not let the kids have a little fun with nature?

    30 Jan

  • Your children will adore rolling, squeezing, twirling, and pulling easy-to-sculpt clay into fun shapes. And they get a little dirty in doing so.

    With surf excel, worry no more about dirt!

    29 Jan

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