Our Mission

In the last five years, we have built our business by focusing on our brands, streamlining how we work, and improving our insight into the evolving needs and tastes of consumers. Now we are taking the next step in simplification - by aligning ourselves around a clear common mission.

We recognise that the world in which we operate is changing. Consumers are increasingly bringing their views as citizens into their buying decisions, demanding more from the companies behind the brands. They want companies and brands they trust.

Unilever embraces these new expectations. Our heritage of good governance, product quality and long experience of working with communities gives us a strong base.We aim to build on this by taking the next step in transparency and accountability. We will stand visibly as Unilever, behind our products and everything we do, everywhere.

Every day 150 million people in over 150 countries choose our products. Already, most of our brands give the benefits of feeling good, looking good and getting more out of life. Bertolli, for example, conjures up the Italian zest for life and Becel/Flora keeps hearts healthy. Sunsilk helps you feel happier because your hair looks great. Our laundry brand, Omo, encourages children to get dirty so they can experience more of life.

In the future, our brands will do even more to add vitality to life. Our vitality mission will focus our brands on meeting consumer needs arising from the biggest issues around the world today – ageing populations, urbanisation, changing diets and lifestyles.

We see growing consumer need for:

  • a healthy lifestyle
  • more variety, quality, taste and enjoyment
  • time, as an increasingly precious commodity
  • helping people to feel good, look good and get more out of life will enable us to meet these needs and expand our business.

Unilever is in a unique position to understand the interrelationships between nutrition, hygiene and personal care. We can do this thanks to our strong science capability and our locally rooted consumer insight. It is by bringing all this together that we can strive to contribute to quality of life and wellbeing - adding vitality to life.

The long-term success of our business is intimately interconnected with the vitality of the environment and the communities in which we operate. The environment provides us with our raw materials and the ingredients we need to make our products. Healthy, prosperous communities provide us with a healthy, growing consumer base.

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