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Unilever recognises the importance of providing a website that is accessible to all user groups, including the disabled.

Accessibility features on this website

Navigation shortcuts

There is a short menu at the start of every page that allows you to jump directly to the most important parts of the page, including main content and navigation. Sighted people who use the keyboard to navigate will see these links appear on screen when using the Tab key to navigate through the page.

Each shortcut has an access key assigned.

Access Keys

Access keys are keyboard shortcuts that replace the need to use the mouse for navigation, in browsers that support them. In Internet Explorer on Windows, you can press ALT + an access key; on Macintosh, you can press Control + an access key. Then press Enter to activate the link.

The following access keys are available throughout the website:

s: Jump to Content

n: Jump to Site Navigation

t: Jump to Site Tools

4: Jump to Search

9: Jump to Contact Us

0: Jump to Accessibility Statement

3: Jump to Site Map

Font sizes

Newer browsers support either text resizing or page zooming, to allow users to increase the size of essential page content.

Once text sizing or zoom level has been selected, it is recommended the user refreshes the browser window, as some headings will not resize until this has been done.

  • Microsoft Internet Explorer 11: 
    • Press the Alt key to display the menu bar o Tap or click View, and then tap or click Text size
    • Choose to make text larger or smaller than the size on the screen
  • Mozilla Firefox: On the menu at the top, click View, then go to Zoom.
    • Select Zoom Text Only. This makes the controls only change the size of text; not images.
  • Apple Safari (OS X):
    • To enlarge the entire page, choose View > Zoom In, or press Command (⌘)-Plus (+)
    • To enlarge only the text, choose View > Zoom Text Only, and then choose View > Zoom In
  • Chrome:
    • Click the Chrome menu on the browser toolbar.
    • Select Settings.
    • Click Show advanced settings.
    • In the "Web Content" section, use the "Font size" drop-down menu to make adjustments.


All content images used in this site include alt text. Purely decorative graphics include empty alt text.

Standards Compliance

We strive to comply with the W3C WAI's Web Content Accessibility Guidelines and aim for our pages to conform to a minimum of Level A compliance. Wherever possible, level AA and AAA requirements are also met.

All pages use structured, semantic XHTML, relying entirely on CSSfor presentation.

While we use Bobby to test for accessibility, it is just one aspect of our testing procedure. As a computer programme, the Bobby test is not as reliable as expert evaluation. Pages are also tested in the following screen readers: Jaws for Windows and IBM Home Page Reader.

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