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Pepsodent is one of the world’s best-selling toothpaste brands, developed to give you a fresh, healthy smile.

Pepsodent was launched in 1991 in Bangladesh and since then the brand has raised the benchmark of Oral Care solutions in Bangladesh. Pepsodent has a range of toothpastes that could take care of specific oral care needs. Pepsodent toothpaste fights germs to protect teeth against cavities and gives strong teeth, fresh breath and healthy gums. 

Pepsodent as an oral care expert offers solution to specific problems like bleeding gums and sensitive teeth. Pepsodent, in partnership with dentists, is committed to bringing the best oral care solutions to families. It is the only toothpaste brand to be Partnered with FDI – World Dental Federation and recommended by Bangladesh Dental Society.

Key facts

  • Partnered with FDI World Dental Federation
  • Recommended by Bangladesh Dental Society
  • Also sold as Signal

Working in partnership with FDI

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