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Vim has brought a revolution in kitchen management in Bangladeshi households. Since its launch in 1987, Vim has been synonymous with sparkling clean dishes.

Vim Scourer - Introducing the brand in Bangladesh

Offering a more hygienic and effective cleaning solution compared to ash, Vim dishwash powder was first introduced to Bangaldeshi households in 1987. A tough, abrasive, multi-purpose powder, Vim Scourer leaves kitchenware beautifully clean and also works on a number of other surfaces.

Vim Bar – The core of Bangladesh dishwash market today

Vim Bar was a revolutionary innovation for household products – bringing together tradition and technology – to come up with a dishwash solution in soap form. Vim Bar is a powerful grease cutter that removes tough burnt marks easily. It is also suitable for all types of dishes and offers easy cleaning with a pleasing lemon fragrance. The highly popular ‘Vim Bar Challenge’ campaign generated plenty of hype in households all over the country.

Vim Liquid – Stepping-up consumers to the next level

Vim liquid is another format of Vim that takes utensil cleaning convenience to the next level. It is specially formulated for taking care of high quality dinnerware. With Vim Liquid, only one wipe is enough to provide scratch-free, sparkling clean dishes, as showcased in the recent ‘One Wipe’ campaign depicting dishes themselves relishing in the sparkling cleanliness that Vim Liquid provides them with.

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