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The scope and variety of our marketing activity is huge. Working on great categories and brands in a competitive environment that change all the time, the pursuit of market share and volume growth is a challenging and rewarding role.


Marketing at Unilever Bangladesh offers many opportunities. To engage closely with consumers understanding their preferences and needs. To operate at a global, regional and local level across a broad range of products. To experience world-class professional development and acquire leading edge skills. To lead assignments that builds business and brand equity.


Here we translate the global visions on a brand (includes brand communications, innovation and renovation) into a local market context, plan practical activity and make sure those plans are executed flawlessly. Through leading Bangladesh’s operations, this team’s job is to deliver market share and revenue.


Unilever is a destination for outstanding marketers and we attract the very best. In an organization that values creativity, plays to individual's strengths and allows people to be themselves, our aim is to maintain highly-skilled teams with a wealth of experience. With a portfolio of leading brands in Bangladesh, we offer exceptional career opportunities for marketers.

Supply Chain


The main purpose of this area is to understand customer (retailer & distributor) needs. Roles include order management, working at the interface between warehousing and transportation, and ensuring the right products arrive in the right depots at the right time.


Our Planners are unique individuals who use great analytical and interpersonal skills to help bring innovations to market. Working with business functions – Customer Development & Brand Building, they are key to our demand planning process. Demand planning uses models as well as market knowledge to determine potential sales. Using this data, supply planning ensures factories are able to meet these sales demand on time in the most cost effective way.


This is about optimising the cost and quality of what we buy through the intelligent sourcing of materials, packaging and non-production items. The team explores new ways of working with suppliers and plays an important role in technology innovation.


Our manufacturing standards are one of the best in the country; we have many third party operations but the heart of all operations is in Chittagong - the Kalurghat factory. You’ll help the factory to improve efficiencies and adapt to the changing needs of customers and consumers. As a manager, you might be responsible for a team’s quality, output and costs. In engineering, you could be designing and building high-speed production lines.



You’ll be part of a team that’s continuously trying to bring products to customers that meet their needs and at a price they can afford. Everything we do is based on this premise. For example, finance has direct input into Unilever's long, medium and short-term plans as well as our cost reduction programmes and innovation projects.


Within Bangladesh, the roles offer a single view of the business – from its processes and operations to the ways we can improve performance. Moving on from there, the possibilities are diverse. You could specialise in areas such as management accounting, financial control or internal audit, and treasury.

With a broad overview of our business, you’ll deal with challenges that cross brands, professions and geographical regions. Developing a deep understanding of the strategies that drive our growth and profitability, you’ll be at the forefront of how we evolve to meet our goals.


Our operating structure is divided into three work streams. Finance Business Partners embed best practice and enhance decision support skills. Accounting and Information applies information management processes to create value for the business. Expertise Services work across everything from insurance and risk, to investor relations and pensions.

This structure is designed to make finance an influential force at the heart of the business by offering world class expertise in areas where we can add real value.

Customer Development


Many of our customers set trends in their markets. This means that competitors as well as consumers are watching them. Which in turn means that we need to work alongside our customers in pioneering new products, new categories and new concepts.


As a category manager, you'll be responsible for the overall sales and profitability of a product category. Customer marketing is all about developing and implementing fully integrated brand/category solutions and activities. By understanding what consumers want, you’ll be able to stimulate demand in retail outlets through everything from shelf layouts to promotional strategies to price positions. An important aspect of these roles is strategic thinking – channeling your insights into consumers and competitors to make decisions on pricing, promotion, merchandising and growth.


Building close relationships with customers, your remit will be to increase turnover, profit and market share. When launching new products, you'll be working hand in hand with brand and category management to get those products onto the shelves.

Ensuring that the right stock appears at the right time, you'll plan and implement promotions as well as negotiate prices and margins. And we'll expect you to be thinking ahead all the time – introducing new initiatives to keep your customers excited, whilst dealing with practical challenges such as logistics.

Human Resource


Our environment is about empowering people, both to contribute to our business objectives and to achieve their own personal and career goals. We also keep an eye on the future, with our 'leadership behaviours' initiative aiming to identify the next generation of leaders.

In HR, you’re not just a part of the Unilever culture – you help create it. What we do impacts everyone within the organisation, which in turn impacts the consumer and the bottom line.


HR's job is to make sure we have highly-skilled, exceptional people in all areas of the organisation. Within that, there are numerous possibilities split into three broad areas.


partner each of the five functions (Marketing, Customer Development, Finance, Supply Chain and Human Resources included) to identify the needs of the business in order to develop, manage and implement appropriate strategies. They ensure that the right structure, culture, people and capabilities are in place to foster positive working relationships.


work on policies, processes, systems and tools that allow each business area to attract, select and develop talented individuals. They also provide a connection with world-class external experts and keep us up-to-date with industry best practice.


deliver and continuously improve services such as learning, payroll, recruitment, pensions and benefits. They also track, monitor and aggressively manage service performance to ensure that it’s delivered to the required quality and at the optimum cost.

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