Earthquake relief action in Asia

Unilever has contributed a total of 1 million Euros towards helping the victims of the earthquake that struck Northern Pakistan and North Western India on the morning of 8 October.

Two-phased approach

The disaster relief funds - together with employee contributions - will be used in two phases.

Phase 1 aims to provide immediate food, shelter and warm clothing to affected people and communities through the President's Relief Fund.

Phase 2 involves rebuilding the affected areas in partnership with an NGO, The Citizen's Foundation. (The Citizen's Foundation is Unilever's community partner for promoting primary education in the country).

Active involment

As well as making donations towards the relief efforts, many Unilever employees volunteered to provide immediate support. Relief action included arranging food items, tents and medicines for despatch to affected areas and volunteering to work in relief camps in cities across Pakistan.

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