Unilever tea Kenya awarded for HIV/AIDS

Unilever Tea Kenya has received an award from the Global Business Coalition on HIV/AIDS (GBC) for its employee HIV/AIDS education, prevention and treatment programme.

Global fight against AIDS

As part of its commitment to fighting HIV/AIDS in the workplace, Unilever in Kenya offers health talks, AIDS prevention materials and health care, including voluntary testing, counselling and treatment. The company also collaborates with partners at a local level to bring its programme into the wider community.

Unilever chairman Antony Burgmans pointed out: "United Nations statistics show that every minute, six people die of HIV/AIDS related illnesses. The HIV/AIDS epidemic has affected nearly 5 million more people in 2005, putting the stability of many societies and their economies at risk. This is simply unacceptable.

"Only a joint effort of governments, business and NGOs can provide a long-term solution. We are committed to continuing our efforts in this area."

Public Private Partnerships

Richard Fairburn, CEO, Unilever Tea Kenya, added: "This award is a great credit to the team in Kenya and would not have been achieved without the passion, dedication and commitment of our HR, medical and HIV counselling staff."

He stressed the importance of partnerships in the fight against HIV/AIDS, particularly Public Private Partnerships with Walter Reed from the US, GTZ from Germany and the Kenyan Government.

The GBC workplace award was presented at the 2006 Awards for Business Excellence gala on 22 May. Speakers at the awards ceremony included British Prime Minister Tony Blair, European Commission President José‚ Manuel Barroso, Sir Elton John and Graça Machel.

The Kenyan HIV/AIDS programme is an excellent example of Unilever management and employees truly wanting to make a difference to people's lives.

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