Lux Re-launched in Bangladesh

Lux was re-launched in Bangladesh in April 2012. Lux is now in a new shape, new packaging and improved fragrance. For the first time, Lux is enriched with Silk Protein Extract which provides soft & smooth skin. And with all these changes, Lux is now the Best Ever Lux!

Triumph over adversity

A new summer variant Lux Fresh Splash has also been added to the portfolio of Lux along with this re-launch.

The launch was supported by a 360° marketing campaign. From 25th to 30th April, teaser campaign of Lux was on media through pop-up, doggy & press advertisements. Two communications went on air from 1st May, Lux thematic communication and Lux Fresh Splash communication.

Lux has been the number one soap in Bangladesh since 2006 with the highest market share and strong equity among consumers. This re-launch is a major step towards the market share gain battle in 2012 and with this re-launch we hope Lux will continue its legacy of being the number 1 soap in Bangladesh!

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