Fair & Lovely helps more than 350 women

Fair and Lovely Foundation provides growth opportunity to more than 350 women

Fair and Lovely helps rescript destinies

It started with the dream of inspiring women to create their own destiny. Fair & Lovely Foundation became the platform from which such big dreams could be launched and since 2003, the foundation has worked to empower women with scholarships and trainings. In 2015 the foundation expanded its desire to create a #brightfuture for women with the launch of the ‘Make your Dream come true’ campaign.

“It was a nationwide call to action, to bring out thriving women and equip them in fulfilling their dreams,” said Nurul Monowar, Senior Brand Manager – FAL, “our objective, as always, was to support women in the field of education, vocational training and entrepreneurship.”

The campaign kicked off with women from all areas of Bangladesh sending in their dreams to the Foundation. “We received an astounding response from all over the country, as more than 7,500 applicants sent us their stories,” Monowar stated. Shortlisted candidates were invited to the 6 divisional events where they presented their dreams in front of esteemed judges. More than 350 participants were finally chosen to receive the award from Fair and Lovely Foundation in the form of scholarships, vocational training or business capital.

The award presentation ceremony held on the 20 November 2015 was a celebration of women’s perseverance; their energy and their indomitable spirit to make life better. As Monowar puts it “creating social change for women is at the heart of Fair and Lovely Foundation” and with that goal in mind, the Fair and Lovely Foundation has decided to help 1500 women in 3 years. Through this journey, Fair and Lovely will further strengthen its bond with its consumers and help them create their own destinies.

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