Pepsodent reinforces oral health expertise at South Asian Dental Congress

The Bangladesh Academy of Dentistry International celebrated 40 years of dentistry in Bangladesh at the prestigious South-East Asian Dental Congress earlier this month. Pepsodent, as a long-term promoter of oral health awareness in Bangladesh, was invited to be the event sponsor and was the only brand allowed to exhibit.

The commemorative event attracted more than 2,000 dental professionals, giving Pepsodent excellent exposure and the opportunity to reinforce its expertise and credentials as market leader. This was particularly important as the team will be launching Pepsodent Sensitive Expert to the dental community in first half of 2012.

The Congress focused on educational workshops and scientific symposia. Unilever Bangladesh’s Head of R&D, Pulak Barua was invited to lead a symposium on the science behind Pepsodent’s product range. Knowing that dental caries is the most common dental problem in Bangladesh, the symposium focused on GERMICHECK+, a leading toothpaste in Bangladesh that is proven to prevent dental caries. Mr Barua demonstrated that Pepsodentunderstands Bangladesh’s specific oral health needs, boosting the brand’s credibility with dentists.

Pepsodent materials at the exhibition stand focused on what the brand is doing to improve oral health on the ground through its schools programme and mobile dental bus. These programmes have now been active for over eight years and have reached thousands of children with oral care education.last year itself the school program reached over two million school children with the Pepsodent message. Pepsodent brought the social mission to life through an engaging video at the stand

Dentists were supplied with branded gift bags containing Pepsodent caps, pads and pens, boosting the public’s association of Pepsodent as the dentist’s first choice.

Brand Manager Naheyan Hye said, “We were initially surprised by the unexpectedly high level of attendance at the Congress, and this meant that we could establish contact with far more dentists than expected. Next time we want to do more one-to-one engagement, which will help us gain greater insights into what we can do to demonstrate the value of our brand to the professional community.”

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