Unilever BizMaestros 2012

Students Experience the thrill of real business through Unilever BizMaestros

The word “Maestro” means “Master” and “Biz” is a mnemonic of “Business”, the two together create a brilliant combination of what every undergraduate student dreams of becoming! Keeping this vision of hundreds of business & technical students, and giving them a chance to “Experience the Thrill of Real Business”; Unilever Bangladesh Limited (UBL) stepped into the scene with “Unilever BizMaestros 2012”.

“Unilever BizMaestros” started in 2010 with the objective to identify high performing graduates. The Competition offers students an opportunity to compete with different campuses and win a Unilever accreditation. Last year seven universities participated but this year the horizon was extended to 10 of the most prominent Business schools and Technical schools across Bangladesh.

Over the last two years, ‘BizMaestros’, a case study based competition to find the brightest budding young marketers in Bangladesh, has become increasingly prestigious and competitive amongst university students. Being an intra and inter-university competition at the same time, ‘BizMaestros’ is well known for providing students a unique opportunity to work on real life and live challenges that Unilever is encountering. 

This year ‘BizMaestros’ raised the bar even higher by being bigger, better, stronger and more challenging. To give the future leaders a taste of the ever changing business environment and the challenges that come with it, ‘Bizmaestros’ creates a platform to showcase how they would provide solutions to them.

The entire competition spanned over three weeks, starting with Jahangirnagar University on the 13th of September. This was followed by DU (MKT), IBA, EWU, BRACU, NSU, IUB, KU & BUET. The challenging nature of ‘BizMaestros’ has led it to become a platform for recognizing and hand picking finest marketing talent in Bangladesh. It is a platform where the industry stalwarts can directly interact with universities’ best talent. 

This year during BizMaestros, company’s Senior Managers made it a point to personally visit the campuses to share their experiences and learnings with the students. The students were also given a flavour of Unilever as an organization.

Engaging with students

Unilever, in tandem with BizMaestros, has also scaled up its other campus engagements in an unprecedented manner. ‘Unilever Bangladesh in Your Campus’, the Facebook page run by UBL reached out to close to 3000 students. During BizMaestros, all graduating students were invited to form groups of five and solve a live case concerning Unilever. UBL scrutinized every aspect of the presentations and selected the best team from each of the university. Out of the 57 teams that participated, a total of nine teams made it to the GALA Round (one from each campus)

27th September 2012, was just an ordinary Thursday for everybody else. But for the finalists of Bizmaestros, it was a day full of nervous energy, anticipation and hope. In the BizMaestros themed decorated La-vita Hall of Lakeshore Hotel, the 9 teams took their place armed with their ideas, case presentation and the endeavour to do their very best. Some teams just got off the train and made it to the venue.

The first rounds of presentations were made to a panel of four judges consisting of UBL senior managers from Brand Building & Customer Development. The students presented their cases on Rexona and faced a rather challenging Q&A sessions from the Judges. The top three teams were chosen from this round to present their cases (with modifications, if needed) to the final panel of judges in the evening.

In the evening session, the top 3 teams prepared themselves to present their cases in front a panel of judges, of a far higher magnitude. This panel consisted of UBL Chairman & Managing Director Mr. Kamran Bakr, Human Resource Director Mr. Jerry Jose & Brand Building Director Mr. KSM Minhaj. All three teams did a marvellous job, impressing the judges. 

They also held their forte pretty well in the challenging Q&A sessions by the judges. A nail biting half an hour was needed to tally up the scores to choose the winner. The tension and the apprehension were palpable in the room during this period.

Developing & nurturing leaders

The teams performed brilliantly, defending their views, making their stand. They all stood strong, reflecting the small sample of generation of next business Maestros of Bangladesh.

In the last moments before the results were announced, Mr. Kamran Bakr took the platform to say a few words and emphasized on UBL’s role in developing and nurturing leaders in the country.

All in all, BizMaestros was a huge success. It created a platform for students to understand the changing business environment, the way it runs, and aimed at giving the graduating students “A Winning Start” to their upcoming careers. While the brand Rexona got a fresh and new perspective, insights and out of the box solutions, students at the same time got a unique opportunity to test their theoretical knowledge against real world and live business challenges.

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