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“Water, water everywhere, safe water nowhere!”

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The scenario of Bangladesh can be visualized from the above statement since for a country blessed with abundant water resources, in the form of crisscrossing rivers, highly productive aquifers and heavy seasonal rainfall, Bangladesh still suffers from lack of safe drinking water! Water borne diseases such as Diarrhea, Cholera, Typhoid, Jaundice, Arsenicosis etc affect millions of people in Bangladesh, leading to death. Unfortunately mostly children are the victims. Statistics show that 25% of the diseases in Bangladesh are water borne. This leads to 6.6 million diarrheal cases being reported annually which causes 20% of under 5 mortality!

It is Unilever’s belief that safe drinking water should be a prerogative for all and have therefore taken proactive measures to ensure it through its revolutionary innovation of a range of water purifiers with high-end technology, under the brand name of “Pureit”.

Before the launch of Pureit, the population of Bangladesh had to rely on boiling or the usage of candle filters for drinking water, which represents a huge wastage of our scarce national resource, gas, notwithstanding the time and energy wasted in the processes. To mitigate the hassle of boiling and the safety issue of candle filters, Pureit was launched in Bangladesh in September 2010. The water purifier provides water which is “Safer than Boiled Water” since it removes dissolved particles which remain in water even after boiling.

Till 2014 Pureit has provided 1,607,000,000 liters (1607 million) of pure drinking water to 1400000 Bangladeshis, safeguarding their lives every day.

While Pureit continues to fulfill its social mission of saving millions of lives, many challenges still prevail. One of the major challenge remains in creating awareness to mass people who for innumerable years are habituated to boiling or using filters to obtain drinking water. Even though Pureit users clearly understand what the brand stands for and embraces the credibility and efficacy of the product, a large portion of the consumers still remain unaware of the difference between the processes of filtering and purification. 

While filtration simply “filters” off visible particles, unique purification process of Pureit thoroughly cleans water from “invisible” germs and bacteria that causes diseases!

World Water Day:

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To raise awareness about this difference and about the need for safe drinking water, Pureit celebrated “World Water Day, 2014” where a Pureit VAN roamed the streets of Dhaka, disseminating information and providing free Pureit water to passersby.

In “World Water Day 2015” Pureit set up the first ever “PUREIT SERVICE CAMP” in Dhaka and Chittagong. This provided a unique platform for the consumers to bring their “water related queries” be that medical, technological or service related. They could also enjoy some real-time services and exciting offers at the camp.

Apart from World Water Day another great Pureit initiative is the Safe Water Ambassador program where the ambassadors work to create awareness on water borne diseases, safety issue of filters, and Pureit product benefits, the unique technology that saves millions of lives!

Continuing the journey:

Pureit was launched with the humble quest of saving millions of lives by providing safe drinking water; a right of every human being. The brand continues to deliver on this solemn oath and help save millions of lives.

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