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Dove logo
Dove, one of the biggest hair care brand in Bangladesh and a leading brand of Unilever Bangladesh Limited

Helping women realise their personal potential for beauty through products that provide Superior Care

5 things you need to know about Dove

  1. The iconic blue scripted logo and the graceful bird image of Dove convey care, humanity, and a sense of liberation.
  2. Instead of amplified advertising, Dove believes in promoting the root of its association and empathy with “real women”, never using models, actresses, or celebrities. Moreover, there is a strict policy forbidding retouching. This personal and friendly approach has become a hallmark of the brand.
  3. Dove Day is celebrated globally, every year, in line with DSEP. Dove helps young people across 152 countries to build self-esteem and positive body confidence with educational tools, partnerships, and resources.
  4. To ensure diversity and inclusion - Dove partners with women & non-binary individuals everywhere to create Project #ShowUs, a collection of 10,000+ images that offer a more inclusive vision of beauty for all media & advertisers to use.
  5. Globally, Dove does not test on animals and is approved by the biggest animal rights organization in the world, PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals).

Since its launch in 1957, Dove as a brand stood for superior care and for real beauty. Starting its journey here in Bangladesh from 2008, Dove currently is one of the biggest hair care brands.

With a belief that looking and feeling good makes you feel happier, Dove promotes Real Beauty by Real Women. Taking inspiration and insights from these women Dove strives to meet or exceed all consumer expectations. In Bangladesh, Dove has 6 shampoo variants and 2 conditioner variants to address specific needs of Bangladeshi consumers, while championing Damage Repair as the brand’s core. Treating as not just targets, rather collaborators, supporters, and heritage, consumers are at the center of all Dove communication.

Some highlights of 2021-2022

Dove Self Esteem Project (DSEP): Dove is the biggest self-esteem education provider in the world. In 2021, we have launched this project in Bangladesh in partnership with Plan International.

Dove has localized three global modules in partnership with local experts to ensure the most effectiveness of the project. We reached students, peers, teachers, parents to ensure the next generation in Bangladesh grows up with full confidence. Through this project, in 2022 – we have built self esteem of 1Lac+ Bangladesh youth.

Dove Self-Esteem Project in schools is aiming to reach 5 million adolescents in Bangladesh by 2030

Market Development: Dove is pioneering the market development of conditioners through its amazing portfolio. Bangladesh is a country where 96% of its consumers use shampoo but only 20% of the consumers add conditioner to their regime. In 2022, Dove worked on a local insight and constantly educated consumers on the importance of adding conditioners to their regime. Dove was activated on schools, beauty salons, shopping malls and in consumers’ houses to drive the market development. Early results are promising and Dove aims to continue working on building the conditioner market in Bangladesh.

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