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Our Story

Fondly known to all generations of Bangladeshis as ‘Lever Brothers’, ‘Lux Company’, we have been part of their daily lives since 1962. Today we produce more than 95% of products of our portfolio locally and positively impact the lives of 9 out of 10 Bangladeshi households every day through local household favorites brands like Lifebuoy, Lux, Wheel, Sunsilk, Vim, Surf Excel, Glow & Lovely and many more.

Improving Consumer Lifestyle

Unilever is globally known for its innovations to empower consumers to look good, feel better, and get more out of life. Following the global trend, Unilever is credited to popularise convenient and smart products among Bangladeshi consumers and uplift their quality of life. UBL is credited to introduce shampoo (Sunsilk), detergent (Wheel), dishwasher (Vim), skincare solution (Glow & Lovely), and water purifier (Pureit) among Bangladeshi mass consumers.

Woman teaching a student how to wash hands properly with lifebuoy, as part of a rural school activation programme

Countrywide reach

At UBL, one of our key strengths is our presence in all areas of the country, including the most remote regions, reaching 9 out of 10 Bangladeshi households every day.

Starting with a sole distributor, we gradually expanded our network to all districts of Bangladesh by the 1980s. Today we are reaching 1.3 million retailers in every corner of the country. We have also pioneered channel innovations for reaching the rural communities where there are no retail outlets through rural micro retailers, otherwise known as Dyutis and Pallydyut.

Group picture of school-going kids cheering and participating in a Pepsodant campaign.

Manufacturing Excellence

Starting with a single soap production line in 1964, Unilever Kalurghat Factory (KGF) became one of the most important manufacturing hubs of Unilever in South Asia. Unilever is considered to be the pioneer of modern, safe and sustainable manufacturing in Bangladesh. Along with transforming KGF to be a smart and sustainable factory, Unilever also has 7 collaborative manufacturing sites in Bangladesh, producing more than 95% of the products locally.

Close Up toothpaste being inserted on the tubes in the automated production belt.

Talent Development

At UBL, our culture of pioneering has not only contributed to the growth of our company but also to the development of Bangladesh’s corporate sector. Our commitment to excellence has enabled us to produce some of the best business leaders in the country, many of whom have gone on to serve major roles in different industries in Bangladesh and around the world. Being recognised as the ‘Employer of Choice’ for 12 times since 2011, we have continued to attract the best talent in the country who share our passion for excellence. The company is popularly referred to as the ‘School of Leaders’ in Bangladesh due to its contribution to developing corporate leaders for the future.

Drone shot of the Unilever factory employees in a shape of U


UBL is one of the most digitally innovative and capable companies of Bangladesh because of its continuous investment in technology and digital capability enhancement. At UBL, digital technology is not used only to automate internal processes, rather it is deployed to ensure the benefit of all our internal and external stakeholders. As one of the pioneers of digitalisation, we have invested to automate our retailer and partner activities since 2003. Starting with handheld devices and mobile printers we have constantly upgraded our digital capability to maximise our capabilities to simplify our processes and reach more customers.

We have used digital technology and data-driven decision tools to optimise inventory investment for our retailers which helped them manage their working capital along with smart, convenient ordering and customer support. Along with retailers, we have helped our distributors in operational and financial management by enhancing their digital capabilities. We understand that technology plays a significant role in today's fast-paced world, and we are constantly investing in digital transformation to stay ahead of the curve by now working to generate actionable insights from big data and take the right product to the right market in right quantity.

Picture of a brand promoter showing their product to a consumer infront of a small shop in a rural area.

Championing sustainability

We are more than just a business; we are a force for good in the communities we serve.

We are more than just a business; we are a force for good in the communities we serve. Our commitment to Bangladesh goes beyond just reaching customers with our products. We believe in creating a sustainable future for all, which is why we have supported communities and made sustainability the core focus of our activities since the launch of the Unilever Sustainable Living Plan (USLP) in 2010, which was further strengthened after the launching of Unilever Compass in 2020.

Since 2014, Unilever is a Zero Landfill Company and we aim to completely decarbonise our supply chain by 2025 by achieving Net Zero carbon emission goal Throughout our journey, we have reached out to school children to teach them about proper handwashing, toothbrushing techniques, and provided healthcare to 1.5 million people living in remote chars of Bangladesh through Lifebuoy Friendship Hospital (LFH). We are currently working to build a plastic waste-free future for Bangladesh along with our WASH, Youth Empowerment, and Skill Development initiatives. Through our sustainability and community support activities, we have impacted more than 100 million Bangladeshis since 2020.

Photo of a smiling male plastic waste sorting worker
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