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UBL employees come together to spread joy this Ramadan


In a remarkable display of harmony and shared purpose, the employees of Unilever Bangladesh Limited (UBL) came together to uplift 300 underprivileged families during the anticipated food inflation time of Ramadan, showcasing a powerful commitment to make a difference.

UBL Employees at the Heart-to-Heart market

Unlike the previous years, community aid during Ramadan was powered by a first-ever pre-loved goods sale, the Heart – to – Heart Market, by UBL. Passionately carried out by 13 UBL employee volunteers, under the umbrella of their employee volunteering platform, Proyash, this initiative marks a significant milestone in the organisation's ongoing commitment to fostering positive social change.

‘From one heart to another’ - the moto of this initiative, weaves a heartfelt journey, linking the act of finding new homes for pre-loved items, inspiring a shift towards circularity, with compassionate support to families in need during Ramadan by providing food rations, creating a cycle of care that touches lives both environmentally and socially.

Designed to unfold in two distinct phases, this unique campaign provided employees with a meaningful platform to contribute to a greater cause. With unwavering dedication, employees eagerly seized the opportunity to donate their pre-loved precious items, recognising the potential impact of their collective action. The ambience within the company premises was palpably infused with a sense of purpose and camaraderie. All the employees came together, each offering their own cherished possessions with the shared intention of making a difference in the lives of the others.

UBL Employee donating personal belongings to the Heart-to-Heart market

The Heart-to-Heart Market was incepted to stand as a ray of hope and compassion, with the donated pre-loved items displayed at a marketplace setup at their corporate office in Dhaka. All the employees eagerly participated, purchasing items both out of love for the goods and a desire to contribute to a worthy cause. Each contribution, big or small, was a testament to the spirit of giving and shared humanity that thrives within the organisation.

The conclusion of this 2-day long market saw the transformation of pre-loved items into a source of tangible support for underprivileged families in need. Through the collaborative efforts of UBL and 2 of their NGO partners, Utsho Bangladesh and Spreeha Bangladesh, the proceeds from the sale were directed towards providing essential food rations to 300 households during the holy month of Ramadan.

The impact of this initiative extended far beyond the distribution of food rations. It symbolized a profound commitment to social responsibility and community engagement, reflecting UBL's dedication to creating positive change in society. By ensuring that the contributions made by employees translated into tangible support for those in need, UBL reaffirmed its role as a catalyst for meaningful transformation within the community.

UBL employees donating food rations

By transcending traditional business practices, UBL continues to prioritize the creation of positive social, environmental, and economic impacts for all stakeholders. Through initiatives like Proyash and the Heart-to-Heart Market, UBL empowers its employees to become agents of change, fostering a culture of compassion, unity, and collective purpose.

Alongside this initiative, Proyash enables UBL employees to dedicate up to five days to participate in impactful social initiatives led by their trusted partners. These initiatives address crucial social issues such as healthcare, hygiene practices, inclusion, support for underprivileged groups, and care for children and individuals with disabilities. By offering opportunities for employees to volunteer for these social causes, Proyash also empowers them to create a tangible impact in their communities, fostering a sense of purpose, engagement, and connection with the community and the company's values.

As UBL continues to navigate the complexities of the modern world, initiatives such as the Heart-to-Heart Market serve as guiding lights, illuminating the path towards a brighter, more inclusive future. By harnessing the power of collaboration and community engagement, UBL remains steadfast in its mission to make a meaningful difference in the lives of individuals and families across Bangladesh.

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