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Clinic Plus

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Clinic Plus Shampoo- a hair care product of Unilever Bangladesh Limited

Raising strong daughters

Living freely, fearing no one, never breaking down, and staying strong - these should not just be characteristics of the hair but also of our young daughters. Mothers should raise their daughters to be strong the way Clinic Plus makes their hair.

For 30 years, we have been celebrating the unique mother and daughter relationship. With the help of our ads and initiatives, we have also focused on being an ally to the mother, helping her in her role as a nurturer to her child.

Clinic Plus was launched in Bangladesh in the year 2019.

Clinic Plus believes that mothers share a strong bond with their daughters and can strengthen their daughter's foundation by instilling the correct values in her, the way Clinic Plus strengthens their hair with its range of products.

Mothers who empower their daughters by instilling values such as resilience and determination in them will find that the confidence to face life's obstacles comes naturally to them. A solid foundation is always essential and empowering – both in life and when it comes to hair as well.

Hair can only grow when it is given the strength to do so. This is why Clinic Plus shampoos are imbibed with ingredients that nourish girls' hair and help give it strength to keep growing.

As a brand, we always put our consumers first and thrive on meeting their evolving needs with our cutting-edge research and unique formulations.

This consumer centricity has helped us win consumer trust, who believe Clinic Plus is their family brand.

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