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Close Up

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Closeup- an oral care brand of Unilever Bangladesh Limited

The only oral care brand that always celebrates the thrill of moving closer

In 1987, a unique toothpaste made its debut in Bangladesh. This was not your ordinary toothpaste - it was Closeup, the world's inaugural transparent toothpaste brand. Renowned for its bold flavours and assurance of up to 12 hours of fresh breath, Closeup quickly became a household name in Bangladesh, winning hearts across the nation.

Closeup was not just about oral hygiene; it was about breaking conventions, embracing youthfulness, and celebrating the exhilaration of getting physically closer. While other brands catered to the traditional demographic of mothers and dentists, Closeup chose a different path. It focused on the young and the young at heart; understanding their desires, dreams, and the thrill of possibilities that lay ahead of them.

As a brand, Closeup has always been unique, fun, and encouraging. It empowers individuals to overcome self-doubt, to be bold, and to open up to the world. With its signature gel toothpaste, Closeup not only ensures oral hygiene but also instills confidence, helping people make their move when they are ready.

Closeup has been on the frontline of engaging the youth of Bangladesh at a mass level. Started with Closeup 1, the trendsetting musical reality show back in 2005, Closeup started activating it’s purpose of ‘inspire people to turn mutual attraction into action, free from self-doubt and the judgement of others’ through ‘Kache Ashar Golpo (Stories of Coming Closer’ which is running strongly for 10+ years.

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