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Ponds, a leading skincare product of Unilever Bangladesh Limited

Get the expert to look after your skin

Women in Bangladesh are achievers. From nailing it at work to living it up at a fest, they want to experience it all. Collecting happy, upbeat, positive moments in life gives them a sense of accomplishment and helps them project their best, most carefully curated image to the world. But due to the constant pressure of upholding a positive and happy image we hide our real emotions.

Pond’s believes your face has the power to unlock real emotions and going face to face helps you better understand how others truly feel. Pond’s strives to make your face beautiful, so you are always ready to go face to face. The purpose of the brand is to inspire girls to go face to face and unlock real emotions.

Pond’s acknowledges the significance of beauty as a sign of love in a woman's life, emphasizing not just looking but also feeling beautiful. With operations in more than 56 countries, Pond's has been linked to skin care for almost a century. It has persistently led the way in understanding a woman's needs for skin care and beauty by providing the best-in-class, visible transformation of the skin, that delights the senses.

Pond’s as a brand globally believes beauty becomes more meaningful when you go beyond self and truly be there for others. Pond’s stands for MEANINGFUL BEAUTY that inspires young women to use the power of their face to make relationships more meaningful. With face expertise powered by science, Pond’s gives women the most flawless skin that keeps them ready to go face to face. Hence the purpose of Pond’s is to inspire women to rise above their inner voices and take the first step forward.

With the establishment of the Pond's Research Institute in the 1990s Pond's has established itself as the world's leading expert in state-of-the-art skin care and diagnostic research. Pond’s innovates the best to take care of all your skin problems. The Pond's Research Institute was established with a global network of over 700 scientists. We combine the science of skin care that has been researched for many years and come up with unique formulas that are innovative in the market for our products.

Pond's Research Institute continues to be a pioneer in skin care innovation by analyzing the needs of all skin types around the world, revealing in-depth facts about how these skin factors affect people's understanding and designing clinically proven compound molecules for better skin results.

Our core, Pond's Bright Beauty, is designed to nourish and protect your skin. It reduces dark spots and protects the skin against the harmful effects of UV rays. This cream is suitable for daily use as it is effective yet gentle.

Spearheading the market development of face wash category Pond’s Bangladesh has 3 core variants: Bright Beauty, Pure Detox and Oil Control serving the consumers with the need for spot reduction, deep cleansing and oily skin respectively. Infused with vitamin B3+, Pond’s Bright Beauty Facewash removes layers of dead skin cells and strengthens skin's natural renewal process, revealing new bright cells.

To help remove all traces of pollution, dirt and impurities the most relevant facewash for the daily commuters of Bangladesh, Pond's Pure Detox face wash with activated Charcoal technology gently helps uncover the natural radiance by going deeper in to the skin to clean out all impurities.

For skin that faces a constant problem of oil secretion making it look dull, Pond’s oil control face wash with its silica beads technology is an effective way to start the morning and go through the day. It helps remove oil and grime off the face giving an oil free glow. Feel the freshness with Pond’s oil control.

Acting on the current growing demand for premium skin care needs in Bangladesh, Pond’s is bringing brands like Pond’s Super Light Gel for consumers looking for a hydrated and healthy-looking skin.

Pond’s Bangladesh, leading the transformation of the skin care category for Unilever is driving not only successful innovations but also is working on developing the market to make the skin care portfolio of Unilever future fit through a sustainable business strategy.

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