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Rin, a detergent product of Unilever Bangladesh Limited

Boosting confidence with whiter and brighter clothes

Our clothes speak for us. Rin plays an integral part in helping us to look good by providing superior whiteness, giving us the confidence to realize our ambitions.

Striking white clean clothes help us make great impressions on the people we meet and also provide us the confidence to realize our ambitions. Rin understands this need and strives to deliver best whiteness.

Over the years, Rin has undergone several innovations to meet the changing consumer needs. Rin contains the ‘world’s best yellowness removal technology’ with patented shading dye technology that removes the faded yellowed look from your favorite white shirt and make clothes “White like new”. Rin also recently introduced a “REFRESH Lemon & Rose” variant, which delivers the same performance with the beautiful floral fragrance of fresh roses. Thus Rin provides you with a premium laundry experience at an affordable price AND in two distinct fragrances!

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