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Vaseline, a healthcare and skincare leading product of both Unilever Global and Unilever Bangladesh Limited

Giving everybody healthy skin to live without limits.

Throughout history, people have relied on the healing powers of Vaseline for various purposes. This “Wonder Jelly” treated cuts, burns and wounds sustained by soldiers during World War I and II, has been instrumental in healing skin for 150 years, and Vaseline has embarked on a new mission to use the healing powers of Vaseline to help those who need it urgently.

Vaseline started with a wonder jelly in 1870 that protected skin from anything and everything. It healed cut knees, chapped lips, blistered feet, and sunburnt faces. From the smallest imperfection to the largest rough patch. The original quickly became a versatile household and family staple serving a range of skin health needs. Today, the brand has gone on to develop a range of products with these healing properties at their heart which it sells around the world. Then in the 1960s, Vaseline launched a new format in lotions.

We are universal in our ability to care for all skin. Skin of all ages, from all walks of life, skin from head to toe, all over the world. We are known to be the handiest thing in the house and can be found as a staple in first aid kits, medicine cabinets and beauty bags.

Our Presence

Vaseline has been present in Bangladesh since the 1960s. Lever Bangladesh introduced Vaseline lotions and jelly in the late 90s. Since then, the brand has been spearheading the market development of the lotions and jelly via traditional marketing tools.

Our sole focus and obsession is skin. We are committed to improving and keeping skin healthy. Because we believe healthy skin is beautiful skin.

Since 2016, Vaseline Bangladesh has donated winter essentials like Vaseline Petroleum Jelly, blankets, winter clothing, etc., to over 8 lakh underprivileged under the umbrella of the Healing Project. Through this activation, the healing efficacy of Vaseline is established by amplifying the activation and encouraging consumers to donate Petroleum Jelly for the people who live in vulnerable conditions. Since its inception, the Vaseline Healing Project has reached over 1 billion people worldwide. As a global business, Vaseline has the responsibility to give back.

Timeline and evolution of Vaseline

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