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Vim, a hand dishwashing product of both Unilever Global and Unilever Bangladesh Limited

A pioneer of dishwashing solutions

Launched in 1993, Vim was the original hand dishwashing brand that created the category and is the market leader in the dishwashing segment.

History of Vim

William Hesketh Lever was determined to revolutionise Victorian England's standards of cleanliness and hygiene; so he created Vim Soap. His revolutionary product was the first one ever created by the company that is now Unilever, and today's hand dishwashing products build on this illustrious heritage.

Journey in Bangladesh

Vim was launched in Bangladesh in 1987. A powerful degreasing ability of the toughest of grease has made Vim secure its place in the heart of Bangladeshi households. Always at the forefront of innovation in all things dishwashing, Vim is always on a quest to offer better dishwashing alternatives. From upgrading their choices from ash to a bar to liquid, Vim has constantly evolved to suit the dishwashing need of the hour.

As the leader in dishwashing, Vim offers solutions that are so efficacious, that dishwashing remains nothing more than a mindless activity.

Vim’s Purpose

Vim’s PURPOSE is to inspire EVERYONE (irrespective of age, gender) to own dishwashing (chores) so that women can unleash their true power - thrive and be all that they want to be!

Because Vim believes that dishwashing is NOT a chore, but a ‘part of life’, hence it is for everyone!

Vim Bar

Vim bar, with the power of 100 lemons, removes the toughest grease and gives you a pleasant cleaning experience with its refreshing lemon fragrance.

Vim Liquid

Vim Liquid keeps your expensive utensils, including non-stick cookware looking new for longer as it cleans without scratching the surfaces.

Contact Unilever about Vim

If you have any questions or comments about Vim, please visit our contact page.

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