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Wheel, a leading detergent brand of Unilever Bangladesh Limited

Evoke Freshness, in thought and attire

The Wheel brand is an integral part of millions of households in Bangladesh. Wheel has been a household name since 1972, providing deep clean and fragrant freshness at an affordable price.

We at Unilever understand the importance of the husband-wife relationship in Bangladeshi households, and we recognise the evolving role of women in society. That's why we are committed to offering solutions that cater to their needs. Wheel's constant innovation and dedication to delivering the best solution in the segment are a testament to this commitment.

As a dominant player in the Mass Fabric Wash segment, Wheel is available in Powder and Detergent Bar format in retail stores across Bangladesh. Wheel is packed with the power of real lemons and flowers, which effectively removes visible dirt and kills invisible bacteria, leaving a trail of floral freshness.

With every wash, Wheel offers a long-lasting fragrance of fresh flowers that infuses every fiber of your clothes with a frizzy fresh, sparkling clean, and floral essence. Choose Wheel for a deep clean and fragrant freshness that you can trust, and experience the best that the Mass Fabric Wash segment has to offer.

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